Junior showmanship provides a great opportunity for youth to become more involved with their dogs.  Juniors learn valuable skills such as sportsmanship, professionalism, responsibility, team work, grooming techniques and care specific to their breed, health, and anatomy of the dog.  It affords them the time to create a special bond with their dog.  Junior handlers will meet people of all ages and backgrounds.  They will make new friends and connections while building self-esteem.   

The best way for prospective junior handlers to see what is involved in junior handling is to watch the Junior Showmanship classes at a dog show. Another way to learn the basics is by attending handling classes offered by local dog clubs.  The classes are designed to allow both dog and handler an opportunity to practice in a relaxed atmosphere, yet in a setting similar to an actual show.  Juniors can compete in conformation events and performance events with their dogs.  For more information on UKC junior program:  http://www.ukcdogs.com/Web.nsf/WebPages/DogEvents/JuniorProgram